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Tell us how many of you satisfied with current rankings
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Take any large business & niches and imagine what would be their major part of Link building? They go submit articles on various directories? They trust blog comments? They buy links from crappy PBNs? They use tools? Actually they trust none of the above.
If Social media is their one side of promotion, the other side must be building PBNs and mini sites that talk about their main sites. Looks it sounds well?

PBN is not what you have known already – Lots have changed now!

->Hate Dropped domains – Never go for dropped domains only because they are cheap. Build one now – Make it the best one – Keep it forever! Dropped domains won’t let you do it.

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Difference between an article link on a high pr blog and a comment link on such blog???


Say there is a high pa blog ie 50. So lets say there are two type of links on that high pr blog. One is a link inserted in the article that on that blog page. While other is in comments.
My question is, is that comment link on this high pr blog, as effective as if it was inserted in the article on that blog. ( it is a follow link)


Cloaking Adwords


I have a site in which violates Google’s TOS. However, I’ve noticed in the Adwords that there are two other sites for the same keyword that don’t seem to get tagged for violating it too. Is there a way to cloak your content so Google sees something different than what the user lands on?

I noticed hes using some type of redirect. So the shown URL in Google Ads is but it forwards to a completely different URL (

Would a 302 or 307 redirect show Google the content of while landing the user on

Dropshipping Dresses ?

hey guys,

I’m currently involved in drop shipping, until now i had a provider but now he is off…

I wonder if you can sugges me such a provider ? A womens fashion one ? I usually have around 1800-2300 pieces sold on month so i need one who can provide me that quantity..if you have some ideas..please let me know.

Best regards.

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2 Tier GSA SER Campaign – $9
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Tier 2 – 10.000 diverse gsa backlinks blast

✔ unlimited urls and kw
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✔ 14 days indexer dripfeeding for all orders
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Why is your service so cheap?
My service is so cheap because there is nobody else involved in it. Unlike others that sell you the same package for $40-$60, I dont have to pay anyone to do the job. There is no middleman and no BS here.

What does Tier 1 contains?
Tier 1 will contain 1.000 contextual backlinks, each one having a 400-600 words spunned article that will be related to your kw.

What does Tier 2 contains?
Tier 2 will contain 10.000 diverse backlinks from over 100+ gsa ser platforms. Those will link to the backlinks I create in Tier 1.

Where can I use your service?
You can safely use my service directly on your website, tier 1 backlinks, web 2.0s, parasites, youtube videos, facebook page, yelp page, url shorteners, amazon store. Almost anywhere you want.

Is you service Google friendly?
Absolutelly. Even if all backlinks are created in 2-3 days, I use Linkprocessor indexing service that dripfeeds the backlinks slowly to search engines during 14 days so it will look like natural link building.

Can I customize my order?
Yes. You can set your own % of generic anchors and domain as anchor so you can best apply your strategies.
However I dont accept requests like custom platforms, PR filtering, domain filtering etc. This is a $9 service guys!

Can I really have unlimited urls and kw ?
Yes. But remember that all your urls will be mixed with all your kw. Also dont ask me to split 1 order to more orders.

How often do you update your GSA list?
I update my link list weekly. I have a second server that scrapes 24/7. I dont buy linklists because those are oversold and get shared on forums becoming useless.

Do you accept adult or pharmacy orders?
No way!

Do you have bigger packages?
Yes. Check my order form.

Do you accept non-english websites and kw?
Yes. But I will use english content.

What is your delivery time?
5 days. But I will do my best to deliver all orders in 2-3 days.

What is your refund policy?
I offer refunds only in the case I make a mistake.

Regular price: $18
Discounted price for BHW members: $9

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[wth] [urgent] quality native rewriter needed

Before I begin with the specifics of this task, I want to be very clear that this is an URGENT task. So if you would not be able to meet up, please do not apply.

Task Details

You will have to rewrite one article into two different unique versions. Each will be 500 words.

Before you apply, you must ensure that:

  1. You have undertaken a rewriting task before and have a sample to prove you have
  2. You will not use a spinning software for this task
  3. You are a native speaker or have a very good command of the English language
  4. You can complete this task under 6 hours

To indicate interest, send a PM to me with the following information:

  1. Confirm if you are a native speaker or not
  2. Provide the original and rewritten version of a task you had done before
  3. Your rate for a 500 word article rewrite

Please do not contact me if you can not fulfill all of the requirements.

Payments will be via PayPal only.

I need four candidates for this task, so keep the PMs coming.

Parasite Question

I have a establish parasite website with about 600 sape links pointed at it. I’m considering adding 300 more sape links to the site. Or Should I point them at another site because my main one already a lot of links directed at? I’m trying to avoid sandboxing or penalty. Awaiting your response thank you!!