Australian players…

I’m looking to make an Australian CSGO league team. I’ve cheated for years and won prize money on a few occasions. I’m looking for people who understand that you don’t need to go GeT_RiGhT big every game. I’ll provide a private build free of charge for the team which includes aim assist and a triggerbot. I don’t have the time to practice regularly, so don’t expect crazy activity. PM me with a Steam contact if you’re interested.

Wanna Learn How to Dox

Ya basically like the title says. I also wanna learn a safe way where I don’t need to worry about getting caught. I don’t have any victims though do I just randomly choose one lol? If I get that pro level at Doxing then let’s go for shitty North Korea next lol! An really what could North Korea even do there technology sucks ass and American doesn’t like them haha

A Question….

Hello HF, I know i asked like 2-3 questions in the last couple of days but it’s really imporant ;C So What’s the best Andriod Rat and is there way i can keep it hidden in the Victim’s phone so he won’t know he’s being ratted..? I have Access to the Victims phone wich means i can download stuff for him Np but wht’s the best way to get it to the victim’s phone and another question…Is there a link i can send to some and steal his browsers cache through it ? or not …please help me , Thanks in Advance.

[WTB] Decent money for completing written work for me

I can either give my money to a middleman for all the work or pay money for each assignment completed, there are a total of about 7, they aren’t 2,000 word essays or anything, it is IT related and it is BTEC level (UK)

My rate is £7.50/$12 an hour for what would take me the time to complete it, a maximum of 3 hours per assingment, I will give it to the person who takes it at the best rate

if anybody wants to check out the work then drop me a PM or add me on skype TeasingPenguin

CPA my journey( in need of fresh niche)

Hi , guys I am working on CPAgrip and got a niche of downloading something i.e., I was using content locking , the niche I selected was good but not enough to generate leads.
From 219 views and 52 clicks there were just 2 leads which made me earn 2.5$.

I have got the hang of it now but still I think I must select a solid niche of something that people want to download.
And maybe the reason for low earnings is my poor landing page which is blogspot blog with zero asthetic valuePinchPinch

I am also ready to get a website but I am also insecure that will the investment pay me off and also I don’t have any experience in buying indexing designing and handling a website because I didn’t had one before

I just want to make it for downloading miscellaneous. things that are in demand. I don’t know how to make a website .

If someone wants to help me, I will learn everything that is required for it and I will be willing to invest some time for the process. I just need a mentorOuiOui
I have strong willSupermanSuperman